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TFS31002 error

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When I try to connect to our newly installed team foundation server I receive the general error TFS31002 stating that I cannot connect.

I'm using the account which i used to install TFS but it just doesn't work.

We are using the official version of TFS (so no beta of RC).

When I navigate to the url http://<server>:8080/services/v1.0/ServerStatus.asmx i receive a login box. after entering the same credentials as above i see the content of the asmx page.

Is there anyway I can troubleshoot this problem.

Kind Regards

Patrick Severijns

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    • Moving to setup forum.
      #1; Fri, 31 Aug 2007 09:33:00 GMT
    • If your <server> name as periods (.) in it, you will need to add your <server> name to the Trusted Zone or intranet zone since IE thinks it is an internet site.

      If <server> does not have periods, you will need to determine if the site is considered Trusted or Intranet. Depending on which zone, you can go to the zone an select "Automatically logon with current username and password" in the customize level.

      If neither of these work, check the NTAuthenticationProvider on that particular web instance in IIS.

      #2; Fri, 31 Aug 2007 09:34:00 GMT
    • I am deeply ashamed to tell you the problem is solved. It turned out that the team system client was not the release version but the beta 3. Someone forgot to place the new version on our internal network.

      It works fine now. Thanks for the support

      #3; Fri, 31 Aug 2007 09:35:00 GMT